More Secrets to Come…

It’s only been a little while since I posted, right?

Say what?!?!?!?!

To be fair, I did get promoted twice, helped open a new building, moved twice, became an aunt, met the love of my life….well…there are no excuses right?

I am reviving this little blog starting now.  I hope to be posting more of my book reviews, thoughts on library, literature, and learning here and welcome feedback from anyone who might happen upon these pages.  My apologies for this blog being placed on hold while it seemed my entire life decided to press fast forward.  (In a good way of course!)

I’m open to inestigate book suggestions, topic ideas, or anything else related to the three L’s (Library, Literature, and Learning) that you might want to read about!


(P.S.  I’ve been told I am an exclamation point enthusiast….you have been warned!)


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