Quick Pick- The Chemist

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Title:  The Chemist

Author:  Stephenie Meyer

Characteristics:  Action, Spy, Governement, Romance

For:  Adults

Stephenie Meyer’s newest novel, The Chemist, is an action packed page turner!  Unlike her first book for adults, The Host, which took it’s time in developing the exposition, The Chemist, jumps right into the gripping story of an escaped government laboratory employee on the run for her life.  Alex’s old employer has long wanted her dead but suddenly offers her an out from a life on the run when they appear to need her special services.  Alex takes the offer with a grain of salt, wisely, and soon finds herself on the run with a ‘dangerous’ target that’s falling in love with her and his twin brother who couldn’t hate her more.

Meyer does a fantastic job of weaving together action, romance, and intrigue without seeming too over the top.  I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t predict most of what happened and found the new mixed genre and more realistic story line refreshing from Meyer’s tendency to work with fantasy elements.  (I do enjoy Meyer’s vampires and her aliens, but it was interesting to read about her scientists as well!)  While I believe that many adults will enjoy this novel, I think female readers will enjoy it more as it is told from a female protagonist’s point of view.  (Just my humble opinion.)

This is one of my first ‘grown-up’ books in a while.  I found the five hundred page book to be a little daunting at first but quickly made my way through it.  I would give it four out of five stars.